We have a total of
fifty-eight years of
theatre experience.

We can provide
gunfighters, saloon gals,
carriages, horses,
sets, extras and more.

We are fully insured and
practice the highest
safety standards.


Every member of Foothill Vigilantes strives to exhibit the best behavior and the strictest safety precautions before, during and after their performances. Each member takes an oath to live by these rules. All members understand that a violation of some of these rules could result in serious injury or death, and that violation of any of these rules may be grounds for immediate dismissal from the group.


1. Check Firearms prior to each performance or function, ensuring they are in good condition.
2. All firearms will be in good condition, clean and in proper working order.
3. Inform proper law enforcement authorities of all functions in which firearms will be discharged or member actions may cause public concern.
4. Firearms will be emptied and checked at the end of each performance before all participants are dismissed.
5. Ensure that Long guns will not be allowed without prior approval.
6. Will be present at all performances.
7. Will issue only the blanks approved by the Board.
8. Will have the final word in any dispute or situation requiring a Foothill Vigilante’s decision.


1. During all performances, firearms will be aimed over, under or to either side of the "target".
2. Shooting will take place only at a safe distance to be agreed upon by the Board. Minimum safe distance is twenty (20) feet.
3. Firearms will not be aimed at spectators at any time.
4. Firearms will be discharged only when approved by the Gunfight Supervisor or as specified by the script.
5. Under no circumstances will live ammunition be carried in the firearm, cartridge belt or on your person during any Gunslinger function.
6. The performance area will be roped off or blocked to protect the spectators.
7. Firearms will not be discharged if unauthorized persons are within the performance area.


1. No member will act as a representative of the Foothill Vigilantes at any function, for any reason without prior approval of the Board.
2. Only those members performing in the script will be allowed to load their firearms.
3. Vulgar language will not be used by any member at any Gunslinger performance or function.
4. Members will not consume alcohol while wearing a Foothill Vigilante’s badge or while acting as a representative of the group, except those functions approved in advance by the Board or Gunfight Supervisor.
5. No member will be allowed to participate in any function if that member has consumed alcohol six (6) hours prior to the performance. Any member arriving at a performance smelling of alcohol, will not be allowed to perform and will be asked to leave the area so as not to bring discredit to the organization. The decision of the Gunfight Supervisor will be final.
6. There will be no confrontation with any Gunfight Supervisor at the time of an incident. The Gunfight Supervisor will make all decisions concerning safety and conduct at that particular function. If a disagreement arises, do not argue, but make complaints to the Board for resolution at the next regularly scheduled Membership Meeting.
7. Members of the audience will not be harassed at any time, without their permission.
8. No member will relinquish their firearms except to another Gunslinger, a peace officer, or as part of the script within the performance area. Never allow anyone to handle your firearm outside performance area. Revolvers will be holstered and shotguns will be open outside the performance area unless posing for pictures and then will be handled in a safe manner.
9. Black powder (non-cartridge) firearms will not be discharged during any performance.
10. Treat any misfire as a hang-fire. Wait one full minute before doing anything except pointing the firearm in a safe direction.

Violation of any of the Safety Rules And Code Of Conduct or any other action deemed inappropriate by the Board may be grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal in accordance with the By Laws of the Foothill Vigilante’s Association.

These rules have been accepted by the Foothill Vigilantes for the protection of our members and those who come to see our performances. It is the responsibility of every member to watch for and enforce these rules.

Click here for a copy of these rules.